Windows Virtual Servers in Portugal

With a Servidor Virtual (VPS), you can bet on more demanding services, which are not possible in normal shared hosting.


x12 + IVA/year
  • 2 VCORE
  • 4 GB Memória RAM
  • 40 GB SSD
x12 + IVA/year
  • 5 VCORE
  • 12 GB Memória RAM
  • 80 GB SSD
x12 + IVA/year
  • 6 VCORE
  • 16GB Memória RAM
  • 100 GB SSD

Virtual server performance may decrease when too many domains or servers are configured on a single virtual machine. You should pay attention to the server characteristics and requirements of each configured domain or service and can always upgrade to match your needs.

A dedicated virtual server shares processing resources with other virtual servers, always guarenteeing minimal resources at the outset so as not to allow a single server to consume all available resources. Most of the time, a processor of a normal dedicated server is not being used. With virtual servers you can use the full processing power of a machine with as Intel Xeon processor whenever it is not use. In other periods, it has always guarenteed adequate processing power to the allocated resources.

The servers are in a climate controlled environment, with power assisted and fire detection system.

All hardware used is guarenteed and safety and quality tests are perfomed on all equipment.

If you need a custom-made virtual server and can´t find what you´re looking for here, we can build and configure any type of server. Please contact our Sales Department for a free, no-obligation quote.

Extras Activation Costs
Acronis Cloud Backups (Windows ou Linux) - 100GB   38,99€/month ou 419,99€/year
Acronis Cloud Backups (Windows ou Linux) - 200GB   43,49€/month ou 464,99€/year
Additional IP´s  Free 1,50€ each/month
Cpanel Premier License (100 accounts)   45,00€/month ou 450,00€/year
DNS Replication (cpanel) 25,00€ 19,00€/month
Additional Technical Assistance** Free 40,00€/hour

Server Management/Monitoring Annual Cost Monthly Cost + Activation
Basic Package - 24h monitoring of up to 3 sensors from one server and 4 hours of annual intervention  180,00€/year 18,00€/month + 25,00€ Activation
Advanced Package - 24h monitoring of up to 10 sensors from one server and 10 hours of annual intervention  350,00€/year 35,00€/month + 25,00€ Activation
Pro Package - 24h monitoring of up 15 sensors from one server and 20 hours of annual intervention 550,00€/year 55,00€/month + 25,00€ Activation

* Server Management and Monitoring: This service includes: - Client server monitoring, at resource and process level. Server periodic updates. - Installation of graphical monitoring software accessible by the client. - Possibility of installation of applications requested by the client.(within the hours package and not cumulative in case of non-use). - Intervention for reboot in case of need. 
** On dedicated servers, technical assistance is provided only in matters related to the operation of the machine. Assistance to sites configured on the server may be charged as extra. In case our intervention is necessary due to damages caused by the customer to the pre-installed software, the above mentioned hourly fee will be charged. For more information on this and other matters, please concat the Sales Department. 

All the values are in Euros. VAT is added to all mentioned values at the legal rate in force. The values and characteristics of these tables may be changed without prior notice.

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